Dealing With Postpartum Uterine Inversion

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Uterine inversion is a situation that occurs after childbirth. Although it is a rare instance, it is a serious one, which must be treated with utmost attention and care. However, if the situation occurs, you should know that it can be solved on the spot by the doctor or by the midwife assisting your birth. What is important is that you remain calm and that you follow the given instructions, so that you will regain your normal state for the body after the birth.


The instance in which uterine inversion occurs is unknown to many people. The fact is that, with the stress of the pregnancy, with the size of the baby and with the way in which the baby is delivered, it may come that the uterus is turned inside out once the baby is delivered, due to the fact that it follows the path created with the baby being born. The cause of the situation is set by the placenta. This should come out after the baby in a natural way, with a little bit of help from the medical personnel, but it can sometimes trigger the exit of the whole uterus, creating the said inversion.

Bleeding and shock are the symptoms that follow the apparition of the inverted uterus. At this point, the doctor must move fast, in order to reposition the uterus and to allow it to start the natural process of healing after the birth. The fundus, which is actually the top part of the uterus, will be pushed back into its place through the cervix, which is the location of apparition for it in the case of the inverted uterus. An IV will be started, so that you can deal with the pain and with the stress of the body. In the video bellow, you can see the way in which the uterus is repositioned:

As you can imagine, an inverted uterus can add a certain amount of stress to your health condition after birth. However, you should not be worried, as, after the repositioning, you will receive the necessary medication so that the uterus becomes firm again and so that it can maintain the normal position in which it has been set. You will feel weak and nauseated after this, which means that you will have to take better care of yourself once you are home. You will be instructed with what diet to start and what drugs to take to feel better. If you are considering a future pregnancy, you should let the medical staff know about your history of previous births, as the situation may occur again.