Hemorrhage And Uterine Inversion

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As you already know, uterine inversion is a very serious complication that can be developed by women following the moment of giving birth. This is a rare complication, but there are cases in which women suffer from such a health problem. When uterine inversion occurs, specialists have to react as soon as possible. This means that they need to manage the complication as soon as it occurs to improve the state of the patient and make sure that her life will be saved.

Uterine inversion is a life threatening complication in which the patient dies because of the massive bleeding. Severe hemorrhage is another common complication that women can experience when giving birth. About 95% of births are normal and women experience no problems. However, in 5% of all cases, complications can be developed and hemorrhage occurs. In some of these cases, the hemorrhage is caused by uterine inversion.

Pregnant women, as well as their doctors should be extremely careful at these types of complications. Some of the main risk factors of hemorrhage include uterine overdistension, prolonged labour, instrumental delivery, as well as grand multiparity. Emergency medial intervention is required to stop the bleeding and save the life of the patient when referring to uterine inversion, as well as hemorrhage, regardless of its cause.