Inverted Uterus: Can It Cause Infertility?

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Despite what you may imagine, you should know that inverted uterus actually is quite a common condition. Numerous women are diagnosed with this disease each year. Receiving an inverted uterus diagnosis should not alarm you, as this is not a life threatening disease. Inverted uterus is not known to cause infertility, either.


In most women, the uterus tips forward at the cervix. Well, when a woman is suffering from inverted uterus, it actually leans backwards at the cervix. This is a situation that occurs in about 1 in 4 women. Various studies and specialists have claimed until today that an inverted uterus can make pregnancy a reality more difficult to occur. However, now specialists have been able to prove that an inverted uterus is not in fact a cause to infertility, as it does not affect the ability of the sperm to reach an egg.


Still, there can be cases in which an inverted uterus is caused by a disease known as endometriosis. Women who develop this condition may suffer from infertility. However, it is important to know that endometriosis causes this situation, and not the inverted uterus.

Women who have been diagnosed with inverted uterus are advised to seek medical assistance. It is not that they require medical help as the disease needs a type of treatment, but a doctor’s appointment is a must to make sure that the inverted uterus is not caused by another type of disease. Women who are trying to conceive should be extremely careful, too. A specialist should supervise them during the entire period of time when they are carrying the baby.


If this is your case, too, you should not worry. An inverted uterus does not necessarily mean that you will have problems, but it is better to prevent all potential issues. It is extremely important to know that even though you may have been diagnosed with an inverted uterus, you can lead a healthy life and become mother to a healthy baby.

Foods To Avoid If You Have Uterine Fibroids

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Uterine fibroids are non-cancerous tumor growths within the muscle of the uterus. They aren’t considered life-threatening, but they affect women of reproductive years. The symptoms of uterine fibroids are heavier bleeding, fatigue, reproductive changes, bladder pressure and bloating.


Women that suffer from uterine fibroids should avoid certain foods that can harm them even more. By avoiding the following foods, women with uterine fibroids can lessen the symtpoms they experience:

Sugar is one of the foods that all specialists say you should avoid. Sugar determine your immune system to release antibodies and hormones that stimulate your body to fight off foreign materials and diseases. It also leads to high insulin levels, which usually can lead to lower sex-hormone binding globulin. This helps your body bin d excess estrogen and deactivate it.


Coffee and tea can enhance the symptoms you experience. They decrease the amount of iron your body absorbs and can cause to heavy bleeding.


Meat and poultry are given steroids to grow for meat, but these steroids affect your body. Ingesting them can lead to higher estrogen activity in your body, which causes fibroids to grow as well. The best way is to choose organically fed and grown meat.

Canned foods contain chemical estrogens and xenoestrogens, produces when canned foods come in contact with the pereoleum-based lining of cans. These chemicals can cause increased circulating levels of the estrogen.


Milk, cheese and yogurt contain a fatty acid called arachidonic acid. When this acid is excessive in your body, it determines your body release prostaglandins – pro-inflammatory immune system products.

Enriched processed foods such as white rice, white bread, regular pasta contain little fiber, which can increase bloating with uterine fibroids.

Avoid all these foods and you won’t experience unpleasant symptoms. You will be healthier and have more energy than before.

Ways To Improve Your Uterine Health

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The uterus is the home of your developing baby and is one of the most fascinating organs in a woman’s body. It works continually to provide women with the best and first home for their developing baby. Sedentary style affects this organ, creating a situation of stagnation of the blood flow to our uterus and other reproductive organs. This can be explained by the fact that the main artery that supplies blood to our legs is the same that supplies blood to our uterus, vagina and ovaries.


There are some things that can improve your uterus, ovaries and fertility such as:

  • a high-fiber diet, including grains and cereals
  • flavonoids in broccoli and spinach, and luteolin, peppers, celery, cabbage, carrots
  • fruits and vegetables are important as they contain magnezium zinc and also many vitamins such as vitamin C and E
  • dairy products such as milk, cheese, butter and yoghurt are rich sources of vitamin D and calcium
  • vitamin supplements help the body maintain homocysteine levels in patients undergoing polycystic ovarian syndrome, or PCOS, treatment; they also improve the function of the immune system and prevent infections of the female reproductive organs

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    Exercising is also important and it should be one of the first steps in improving any type of uterine and ovarian health. Fertility Yoga and walking are two good examples and two techniques that improve flexibility and strength of the muscles surrounding the uterus.


    Castor oil therapy and fertility massage techniques are also recommended. Consult your doctor and see what is the best solution for you.

Getting Pregnant

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There should be no problem getting pregnant with an inverted uterus, but if you decided to have a baby and you want it soon, there are some tips and tricks you need to know in order to increase your chance of getting pregnant right away. Keep account of the fact that in the next video it is presumed that you are healthy. A good thing would be to make a medical check before starting to try for a baby, but also follow the advice offered bellow at the same time. In order to conceive, you need to be relaxed. Don’t focus just on getting pregnant, but think about this time as to a period in which you and your partner will have time to enjoy yourselves and to spend quality time together before the arrival of your baby. Even if a newborn will bring you a lot of happiness, the baby will also monopolize you both, so spend as much time possible together doing the things you love before the birth of your bundle of joy.

In the next video you will also get a few tips that will help you prepare for the pregnancy. Most of them are related to the diet you should adopt, so check it with attention because it should be very useful for you while conceiving and also during your whole pregnancy.

Bringing a baby to the world is a great joy. You need to enjoy your pre-pregnancy period and your pregnancy too in order to expect your newborn with a great attitude and with a lot of patience.