Conceiving with an Inverted Uterus

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Many women who want to start conceiving panic at the thought of having an inverted uterus. This is why it is time to learn more about this matter, as more and more women are concerned by it. First, we should settle what an inverted uterus is. Well, an inverted uterus is a variation which happens in a natural way, affecting the position of the uterus in the abdominal cavity. So the uterus does not lie on top of the bladder, like it is supposed to, but on either side of it.

Only the body of the uterus changes its position in an unusual way, but the cervix, which is the opening of the uterus, is still in the exact same place. So, this means that an inverted uterus will not stop you from conceiving, nor will it give you any problem giving birth. The prognosis of inverted uterus is excellent, most of the time, because it is not known to cause other problems. Do not worry, thus, because an inverted uterus will not trigger other conditions from occurring. Another thing you should know is that an inverted uterus has nothing to do with the sperm’s ability of getting through it. The only thing that can affect the conceiving process is the sperm’s ability of ‘swimming’ through it and the consistency of your cervical mucus when it is being released. If you have an inverted uterus, you can thus rest assured that it will not influence the conceiving process.

Moreover, statistics show that a large number of women have an inverted uterus, so doctors have reached the conclusion that this condition is a natural and normal anatomical variation. It is just like having a different hair or eye color than other women. You can now relax knowing that an inverted uterus will not stand in your way of your reproduction. Nevertheless, you should always see a doctor prior to conceiving, in order to make sure that everything is alright with your body. Having an overall health is very important when conceiving, but conceiving with an inverted uterus is perfectly normal.