Inverted Uterus Pregnancy

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Having an inverted uterus worries some women. The inverted uterus is not something to be alarmed about and isn’t something that should cause any major concerns. On the flip side there are many women out there that believe the contrary. There are some things about an inverted uterus that many people are ignorant about. We are going to unearth some truths about the traits of an inverted uterus and what to expect as far as your pregnancy.

So what exactly causes an inverted uterus? A few things are as follows. A uterus that has not moved into an upfront position as a woman reaches her age of maturity. Previous pregnancies can cause the uterus to tilt backwards. Menopause can also be a distinct cause. Some of the symptoms that an inverted uterus can cause are pain during sexual intercourse, painful menstruation cycles, fertility issues, and incontinence. Many of the symptoms may be thought of as “nothing major” however, knowing about the problem is the first step when it comes to doing something about it.

When it comes to pregnancies an inverted uterus is not considered to be a main factor in infertility. If other reasons can be ruled out then the physician may recommend performing surgery on the affected problem. Generally, in the first 10 to 12 weeks of pregnancy the uterus will be in its upright position. It is very rare that it will not move into the middle. If this position does not occur then the possibility of losing the child may result.