Minimize Body Effects of the Inverted Uterus

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The inverted uterus is not a dangerous medical condition as most people might think. It is, however, a slight abnormality of the body, which can be detected through a gynecological consult. If you feel like the gynecologist has not explained the matter properly, you should know that this is not something that should worry you greatly and no mandatory treatments are available for it. The inverted uterus is an anatomic situation, which appears in the case of 1 in 5 women. It is not something that can or should be treated, as there are no damaging issues risked if the uterus is left in the unusual position taken. The uterus is normally facing the front of the body, bending slightly to the front. In the case of the inverted uterus, the position is slightly changed.

The main reason for the apparition of the inverted uterus lies in the fact that the muscles and the ligaments that were keeping the uterus in place have lost their agility. Because of this fact, the inverted uterus is causing some small bodily effects. Most women will not experience any symptoms or feelings of any kind and will probably find out about this fact from the gynecologist. Even so, there are certain situations that trigger it and come as a response to having an inverted uterus. For example, one of the most frequent encounters is constipation. Through the positioning of the uterus, a block is created in the lower abdomen, preventing the natural realization of the full digestive and bowel movement processes.

There are other signs and effects that can surface form the inverted uterus,such as abdominal discomfort and sometimes hemorrhoids. The important thing is that you know how to minimize these effects, in order to have your inverted uterus creating no problems at all. It is important to maintain a regular diet and to keep your intimate hygiene as perfect as possible. In addition to these general tricks, you should try to stimulate blood flow, and therefore tissue regeneration, in the uterus area through massage. Taking on all these small measures will ensure a healthy and carefree life for you!