Myths about the inverted uterus

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The inverted uterus is also known as the up side down uterus simply because the uterus is in the completely reverse position to what it should normally be, anatomically speaking. However in saying this, there are no problems with having an inverted uterus when it comes to child birth because most women that opt to bear children and have an inverted uterus can easily become pregnant. Pregnancy is not a problem either and giving birth is just as normal and hard work as it has always been whether your uterus is inverted or not.

The myth that women with inverted uteruses cannot have children is completely false in the majority of cases and for those women that are unfortunate enough not to be able to carry the odds of this are the same as women that do not have any anatomical change. Doctor suggest the once conception has been provided then the uterus changes slowly back into its normal position and child birth becomes normal again.