The inverted uterus

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Having an inverted uterus is not uncommon in women and usually does not cause any complications through their life. It may at times create some difficulty in child birth however it is said that as the baby develops inside the womb that the uterus will correct itself until the baby is born and then most times the uterus will become inverted again.

There are theories that child birth may be difficult however may women with this abnormality have had no trouble bearing children however on the hand there may also be a problem with the conception stage of child birth because the inverted uterus can make conception difficult for some women.

Unfortunately there is little research done on the condition of an inverted uterus because generally this condition causes little or no problems for the female. Most of the knowledge you will find on the internet is based on women’s personal experience with the condition so for more information you should consult a doctor or approach the family planning clinic who can give you more to go on.