Medical explaination – Inverted Uterus

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When the words inverted uterus is uttered there is usually a hushed questioning that lingers after the fact. However there is nothing wrong with having an inverted uterus as it is just a different version of how nature decided to create you. Generally speaking the uterus is located in a different position rather than being upside down as the word inverted suggests. The uterus may be positioned to one side of the kidney instead of being on top of it.

The only slight side effect to having an inverted uterus is the extra discomfort and shear pain of child birth. Other than this it has never been medically proven that the displacement of the uterus can harm the person in any way, it does not lead to disease or complications within the bodies’ functionality.

Often medically known as retroverted uterus it is more common that the uterus falls behind the bladder which may put pressure on there at some moments. It is about 1 in 5 women that have this abnormality so there is no call for alarm if the doctor informs you that you have the condition. The abnormality may be genetic or there can be a shift in positioning of the uterus during a difficult pregnancy.

Because of the limited side effects there is little option for correcting the displacement because there would be a greater chance of damaging something of an operation was done. If child birth does become an issue there is the option of caesarean section to make delivery safer and easier. An inverted uterus may cause extra problems in childbirth for teenage pregnancies though this is often the case with young pregnancies anyway.