Use Protection Even If You Have An Inverted Uterus

Filed under: Inverted Uterus - 12 Jan 2012  | Spread the word !

In the teenage years, most girls have their first gynecological examination. This is when they can learn more about their reproductive organs and if they have any specific issues. A so called problem many girls have is the inverted uterus. Years ago, a rumor said that women with inverted uterus cannot have babies. And although it was just a rumor with no scientific proof, many women took this for granted and did not use protection. Well, their surprise was quite big when they learned about their pregnancies. Having an inverted uterus does not make a woman incapable of conceiving, so with lack of protection, a pregnancy can occur anytime.

Many doctors were guilty for spreading this myth that still circulates today, that women with inverted uterus cannot have babies. Of course, this is a misconception and a very serious one. For a teenage girl, a pregnancy is not the most desired thing and if the girl is misinformed and relies on the inverted uterus she has, she might be unpleasantly surprised by a pregnancy. Of course, protection should not be used only to avoid pregnancies, but also to avoid the danger of contracting an STD. Even for a young woman, a pregnancy may come as a shock if it was not planned, nor desired. This is why information is very important, because many women rely on the fact that having an inverted uterus will spare them of using any kind of protection when having intercourse. Even if condoms are not used, contraceptives are recommended. Pregnancy can occur even if the woman has an inverted uterus or a regular one.

For women who desire babies, the news that an inverted uterus is no problem in having one is relieving. This myth of the sterility caused by the inverted uterus was so spread that now is important to debunk it in order to stop the increasing number of unplanned pregnancies. And if a grown up woman decides to keep a baby that was not planned, for a teenager, this kind of problem can affect her whole life. Adolescence is not the perfect moment to have a baby and abortion is not such an easy decision, so education is needed in order to avoid these situations.