Uterus Introversion Is Harmless

Filed under: Inverted Uterus - 28 Jun 2012  | Spread the word !

Many women believe that having an inverted uterus is a severe health disorder and that they are unable to get pregnant. Fortunately, such a problem is very common and is harmless. Usually, women have inherited this shape of uterus from their mother, but there are also cases when they had an accident which affected this organ. Although the uterus is not placed in the right position, a woman with such a problem is able to conceive and carry a baby, so she has nothing to worry about. This type of uterus is not associated with other medical problems, so women shouldn’t worry about this. In the past, many of them believed that a different shape of their uterus meant the impossibility to get pregnant, which was a huge mistake. Some of them believe this even today, so they have to get informed to find out more about what is happening with their body. Nevertheless, a changed position of the uterus enables women to conceive a baby harder, but this doesn’t happen in all cases. Fertility depends on many other factors, which are not related only to the position of a woman’s uterus.

She has to be very healthy, so this is the main and the most important thing. Through ultrasounds, women can find out immediately the position of their uterus. In case they want to conceive a baby, they will have to undergo other medical tests, as well. Plus, they have to know that they are not endangered even if they have an inverted uterus, so they can conceive a baby anytime, more important being their health and their diet, which has to be rich in fruits and vegetables. Such a diet will ensure their baby all the necessary nutrients and vitamins to be healthy and to grow normally.

To conclude, an inverted uterus has no influence on fertility, so in case a woman is confronted with something like this, she has to go regularly to the doctor to find out which are her problems indeed, solve them and try to conceive a baby. The doctor is the one who knows what happens with her body and what it has to be done. Nonetheless, a woman shouldn’t stress because this way, there will be even lower chances to conceive get pregnant.