What is an Inverted Uterus

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The question on many women’s minds is what is and inverted uterus, how can it effect me and how does the uterus become inverted in the first place? Answers to these questions can be found in this website by looking through this article and the other posted articles.

Firstly the answer to what is an inverted uterus is something quite simple. The inverted uterus is a naturally occurring abnormality which happens in some women. This is where the uterus which is normally located lying on top of the bladder now lies off to one side. The cervix of the uterus which is the opening is still located in the same position however if you were to see a picture of the uterus you might think that it has slipped off to one side.

Having an inverted uterus is not uncommon and does not cause any problems with women how have this abnormality. Childbirth has been known to be more difficult in some cases however doctors are now able to deal with this event in a very normal procedure which is not very different to a natural child birth at all. All in all if you are told that you have an inverted uterus there is usually no cause for alarm however informing your doctor about this condition after he informs you that you are pregnant should be on your list of things to do.